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Sports Physio & Rehabilitation at islington physiotherapy...

Specialists within sports physio and rehabilitation are able to diagnose, treat and manage pain, injuries or performance impairments related to the clients specific sports. Islington Physiotherapy's senior physiotherapists, Adrian Binns and Chris Pruvey are keen sportsmen themselves and are, therefore, eager to help athletes overcome injuries and get back to their sports as soon as possible.

Pain, injury, or performance impairment may be due to a variety of reasons. Commonly sports physiotherapists will be asked to assess an acute traumatic injury which may be a contact injury such as those that occur in rugby or a non contact injury such as a twisted ankle while jogging.

When assessing an acute injury we know the key to a full recovery is an accurate clinical diagnosis. Islington Physiotherapy's senior physiotherapists have a vast array of experience between them in a variety of different settings enabling a high diagnostic accuracy. Complete Islington Physiotherapy's Physiotherapists are also trained to a post-graduate level within the disciplines of Sports physio, Medicine & Exercise Science and Orthopaedics and they work together throughout the week to discuss patients to pool their knowledge base.

An accurate diagnosis is imperative as the type of tissue injured has a large bearing on the amount of rest an athlete should do before active physiotherapy and rehabilitation is commenced. Islington Physiotherapy's Physiotherapists, will tailor your rehabilitation in the early stages according to the type of tissue injured and the extent of the damage done. During the later stages of your rehabilitation our physiotherapists, will prescribe specific sports related exercises to ensure you are back to your full strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility before you begin to train and compete again.

When pain or performance issues arise without a specific injury occurring the most critical job of a physiotherapist is to determine why this has happened. In order to do this Adrian and Chris, Physiotherapists, will not only analyse which tissue is causing the pain/ problem but Islington Physiotherapy will carry out a biomechanical assessment of our clients. This will involve a clinical assessment designed not to elicit symptoms but to determine how their client moves and how this is overloading the painful tissue.

Musculoskeletal tssues can begin to complain due to a variety of reasons and may be due to the fact that the tissue in mind is being stretched too far, too aften, or is being compressed under too much load, or has sustained microtears or degeneration due to these factors. The key factor in addressing in any of these situations is why is the tissue in question is under too much rotation/ compression/ stretching load.

The cause may be that joints above or below the painful tissue are too stiff, therefore, more movement than is supposed to occur normally at the painful area is occurring to compensate. Similarly it may be due to weak or poor movement patterns around the painful site leading to excessive movement and pain. Clearly if one hinge (or joint) is not moving then another will move more if the same movement is performed. Islington Physiotherapy's physiotherapists, Adrian Binns and Chris Pruvey are experts in biomechanical analysis with numerous post graduate qualifications and training in this area.


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