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The previous few decades have seen a huge shift in working patterns and no country more so than the UK. Employees in the UK are working longer hours and critically, as a nation we are spending more hours with sedentary postures with inactive working practices. Clearly, for a population that evolved as Hunter-Gatherers this will and is leading to problems. As Physio's we see these problems continually and especially when it comes to spinal pain.

To illustrate this point it is recorded that in the UK over 80% of people will suffer from Low Back Pain at least once in their life. Furthermore, this astonishing figure does not even take in to account the fact that far too many of these individuals will develop some form of ongoing pain. The treatment of spinal pain from a physio perspective should involve techniques and home exercises to relieve symptoms as well as a rehabilitation strategy to ensure that symptoms do not return and ongoing pain does not develop. Adrian Binns and Chris Pruvey, Physio's at Islington Physiotherapy are trained to a high level to use any of the following techniques to aid recovery and decrease their patient's pain:

However, Islington Physiotherapy's Physio's, Adrian Binns and Chris Pruvey believe the most important part of your treatment is the rehabilitation and home exercise plan you receive. Evidence has proved time and again that while hands on Physio techniques are efficacious for reducing pain in the short term it has no bearing on a patient's long term outcome with spinal pain. At Islington Physiotherapy we will always provide you with a home exercise plan to involve pain reducing exercises but critically your exercise plan will address muscle imbalances and flexibility deficits that may have originally contributed to causing your problem. Common exercise concepts that may be used and prescribed to you at Islington Physiotherapy include:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Islington Physiotherapy's approach to managing spinal dysfunction and pain then please email Islington Physiotherapy on info@complete-physio.co.uk or telephone Islington Physio on 0207 482 3875.



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